We value being a God centered congregation.


That is why we invite Disciples to GROW in their personal relationship with God by attending our Worship Services.

Worship on Sundays


8:00 am is a Traditional Worship Service

This is a service with a unique blend of worship expressions like the Gospel-style songs sung by our Sunrise Singers. The service has a relaxed atmosphere to it. Join us in the Main Sanctuary.

9:30 am is our Modern Service

This is an engaging service with a more casual design featuring occasional skits and contemporary Christian songs led by our Praise Band. While the atmosphere is less formal, the divine connection is not. Join us in the Main Sanctuary.

11:00 am is a  Traditional Worship

This service is more formal and includes traditional hymns, classic worship music offered by our chancel choir and occasionally the St. Paul’s Orchestra. The dress of the congregants is both formal and casual. Join us in the Main Sanctuary.