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Stitching for Christ

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry (aka Sit, Stitch, Share, Snack) at St. Paul’s is comprised of 20 ladies, from various walks of life, that enjoy stitching. We meet Tuesday from 9:00 – 12:00. There are generally 20 different projects going on at any given time, ranging from dishcloths and potholders, to caps, shawls, and blankets. Much of the yarn for these projects has been donated by various individuals and groups. Our mission is to provide “comfort” shawls and blankets to those who are ill, who have suffered a loss, or may be hurting in some way or another. We also have a dishcloth or hot pad (hand stitched) for each Thanksgiving box provided by St. Paul’s. Anyone, who has an interest in hand stitching, is welcome to join the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

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